Ahhhhh falafel. Perhaps the best and tastiest alternative to meat (in my opinion). Made from chickpeas and spices, falafel is extremely versatile and makes for an awesome solution for BBQ food when your friends are vegetarians and you can’t remember if they said they’re bringing their own food to the party or not.

Regardless of if you only consume veggies, or if you just like falafel (honestly, if you don’t just stop reading now), it’s a quick and easy meal that is satisfying and relatively good for you. A few weeks back I did an Instagram takeover for Whole Foods Charlestown and this is one of the recipes I came up with – note* I made it especially easy for all of you novice cooks like myself:


1 box falafel mix


Greek Yogurt (pick your preferred fat % content)

1 large cucumber



Follow the directions on the box for falafel mix – most are the same but it does vary by brand

Toast naan while falafel is cooking

Chop up cucumber and mix into a bowl with the greek yogurt and dill – add more or less of each for desired consistency and taste

Mix together until you achieve a thin consistency

Pour the falafel into the nan and cover with sauce


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One thought on “FULL OF FALAFEL

  1. Drew

    It was delicious!

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