Geordie Kieffer as a person will have the same affect on you as he does as an artist through his music – once you get a taste, you can’t get enough. From the instant I met him and we exchanged smiles, I knew that he was a force to be reckoned with. It’s not often that you come across people who are so unapologetically themselves that their spirit is literally (not hyperbole) contagious. So, we decided to join forces for one of the most fun collaborations I’ve ever done and get in touch with our inner children (Why is it that so many of us are afraid to really act how we want and do what we want? When did we lose that innocence?). It was a day filled with dressing up, Calvin and Hobbes, and of course chatting about life and music. 

The perfect antidote for any bad day, Geordie’s music is catchy, fun and creative – the perfect twist on the quintessential “summer jam.” You know, the ones that you can’t help but roll down the windows and belt as loud as humanly possible? In fact, before anyone even knew that Geordie and I were collaborating, I had three completely unrelated people contact me after hearing his songs on SoundCloud, asking where they could find more! If that doesn’t speak to the quality of his sound and the raw, positive energy associated with it, then perhaps our conversation will: 

I love that you’re so unapologetically yourself and your music seems to be the same way. Do you draw on a lot of personal experiences for your music? What inspires you to create your unique sound?

Yes, thank you that’s a sweet-scarlet-letter-compliment. One I’m honored to wear. Much appreciated. Well I could probably write a book answering that question but it would be poorly written and wouldn’t sell… General odd ball facets, strong tendencies of depressive realism, intense desire for the silly strange, substance abuse, addiction, narcissistic personality disorder, the puzzle of perfection, missing parcels, compassion, love and hate. Sexuality. Cigarettes. The politics of people. Fear. Bodies. Darkness. Faces. The gut feeling… I might rather be a panther, but well, “Chanson D’Amour“, and so what inspires me, I guess, is the archeological dig for gratitude, the deep pit and long ladder of consciousness…Sorry what was the question. Oh yea, the answer is short now that I’ve blaa blaa blaaz’d. For me I love the process of making a song because I get to get lost. That is most inspiring. The ability to be in a state where I’m unconcerned with being unsatisfied by the drab of things as they exist. I’m more aroused, here, musically that is, with topics that wouldn’t normally be sing’d and song’d, the underbelly of the beast. Yes, I certainly draw on personal experience, smiles and frowns, ups and downs. Hopefully the output is something people find to be different but the process is certainly not. 

In ten years, where do you see yourself? (Personally and professionally). 

Personally, nude in a hot tub at 105 degrees. Models welcome. No gender restrictions, cigarettes or children around. Well, actually take out the part about no cigarettes. 

Professionally, I’m always pretty content in a studio. It’s a second home for me. In 10 years from now (a quarter century of making music)  I want be working in studios that I had no part in building myself. Does that make sense? 

Healthy and happy too right? Isn’t that what I’m supposed to say?

Your new single “Tastes like Chocolate” just released a few weeks ago and you’ve had some really awesome and creative social media content surrounding it. Tell me a little about your creative process and how you come up with these ideas to supplement your music. 

Primarily, I’m a logic guy. I’ve been writing on logic for years. When I’m starting something new, writing and producing, I like to be alone. I get the feel of the instrumental tune, lay down the skeleton of the idea. I like to yell and dance and make a fool of myself when I’m producing something new. Then we fill that sucker in sometimes slowly, sometimes real quick. At some point during that black out of developing the music the vocals will naturally come, or they won’t. I hate working too hard on vocals. The most commanding lyrics and melodies write themselves really. They interact with the music naturally, like old friends. Once the idea has been polished and the melody seems relatively locked, thats when I love to bring other people in. Now it’s all business, and a bit of fun. I bring in people who I trust musically, emotionally, to work within the walls of the little room that’s been created. I really love this part because the song now shape shifts into something I couldn’t see or hear when I started it. Collaboration.

 Music videos are a hell of a lot of fun to shoot. I love acting. Always have always will. But the videos themselves are never on my mind until a song gets fully completed, mixed and mastered. “Tastes Like Chocolate” was a fairly simple concept because the song was fairly straightforward. I had a good crush on this bad ass chick and we started hanging out and the song was written within two days of me starting it. Easiest song I’ve ever had to write. She made it easy. A white guy falls for this black girl, feels all cool for getting the girl. Classic story of guy meets girl right? But when the subject of race comes into play it becomes something a little more interesting. A little more dangerous, comical, satirical. So we ran with it. I wanted to celebrate the girl and make fun of myself. Luckily I have a sick team of freaks who see and hear things I never will.

You gotta learn when to listen, know when to speak, and enjoy when to zone the fuck out. I’m working on it.

What would you say your spirit animal is and why?

Black Panther, sleek, chic, elusive, feminine, sexual. but got-damn, I’ll bite ya.

Favorite color? 

My favorite color is Mauve, i.e. Lavenders younger sister.

It’s not hard to see why everyone is enamored with Geordie. He’s the type of person you want to be around and his talent transcends boundaries and brings that feel good sensation to any situation. Lucky for all of us, Geordie has already produced an incredibly fun music video to go along with his new song, “Tastes Like Chocolate.” Get ready for a whole new level of happiness… enjoy!

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