Photography by Kayte Demont


A few weeks ago, my friend Amanda (you may know her as @amanda_hitz and a co-founder of Bend & Blaze Yoga) packed up my car (along with Lucy) and made moves to the mountains of Crested Butte, Colorado. Being the cannabis-connoisseurs that we are, we knew we wanted to bring along a brand to capture content for. I’d seen HUM around social media and after learning that I had a Boston and a Maine connection with the people behind the brand, I knew they were a perfect fit.



In hindsight, we probably didn’t need to drive the 4+ hours to get to our campsite in order to have a good time, but we were feeling ambitious and afterall, the road trip there is part of the fun! If you’ve ever driven through the mountains of Colorado, you know that pretty much anywhere you look is mind-blowing scenery. The way the light hits the mountains at Golden Hour is truly unparalleled and is a solid reminder of why I continue to live in Colorado (even though I desperately miss the ocean). Lucy is a huge fan of car rides. A few trips ago, we took a 4Knines seat cover with us to New Mexico and it changed the traveling game. She feels so much more comfortable now in the backseat due to the hammock feature – add her bed to the equation and she practically doesn’t want to get out of the car!



Once we got to Crested Butte, we drove as far as we could into the mountains on Kebler’s Pass and found a spot just past a lake near the top of the mountains. Lucy is great with other dogs in a park scenario but unfortunately, she gets too hype and excited when there are too many people doing things around us (especially if she’s tied up), so we settled into a dispersed site – better for photos anyways.  Once our tent was pitched we set off to get the general lay of the land and to take some photos amongst the gorgeous wildflowers that were still in bloom. I think one of the things I love most about Lucy is that she literally stops to smell flowers. I’m not joking, given the opportunity, she will stop and sniff every single flower on the trail. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.



Back at camp, Amanda and I proceeded to eat our weight in snacks and marshmallows. Why is it that when you go camping, all you want to do it eat? Perhaps it’s boredom? We are always so stimulated that when all else fails, we eat? That’s a whole separate blog post but the point is, when two girls who like to smoke weed go camping, they eat, a lot. However, the beauty of the situation is mountain air and a full belly equal a really solid night’s sleep (even on rocks… at least for me…).

The morning after was an early one as expected. Lucy’s favorite past-time lately is waking me up, not even to pee, but because she’s hungry. So I fed her and walked her and enjoyed the mountain scenery just the two of us. After our walk, Amanda joined us for another trek up the mountain for some first-sun photos. (I’d like to take this moment to pause and make “first-sun” a term. It’s not sunrise, but it’s the first few hours of sunlight where everything is still waking up and thawing from the dark night before it. It shimmers a little differently in my opinion).



The drive home was a little more tedious than driving there, as the drive back from anywhere tends to be, but the views were still incredible. Fewer things make me feel calmer than cruising on an open road, music blaring, a friend beside me, and Lucy sticking her snout out the window, smiling all the while. Did we need to drive over four hours to go camping and capture the content we needed? No, but the adventure was fun and overall, the journey was definitely worth it.



HUM batteries are our new favorite things. They currently come in two varieties, HUM and HUM2. The original HUM holds one cartridge, while the HUM2 holds 2, making it perfect to share with people who don’t smoke the same strains you do. The thing we liked most about this battery was the vibration feature. It helps you know you’re getting the correct amount so you don’t blow through your cartridges. The battery lasts forever between charges and the sleek design is portable and discreet. We really can’t stop raving about them! Check them out on their website or on IG for more info!

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