By now I’m sure you’re all aware of our ROCKSTAR Health/Wellness Editor, Heather. One of my favorite things about this blog is that it’s not just one topic, it’s a collaboration of many inspiring things, healthy living being one of them! If you’re feeling a little lethargic and need a pick me up, try one of Heather’s green smoothies. Wanting to contribute a nutritious appetizer at your next dinner party? Whip up some guacamole using her delicious recipe!

Each post is filled with pictures, recipes, tips, and facts about how and why you should live a healthier lifestyle. Still not enough for you? Follow Heather’s official Mass Musings Instagram account: @healthymelons – hint: if you tag #massmusings and #healthymelons on your health/wellness posts, you may be featured!

Here’s a little glimpse into Heather and her personality. She’s fun, smart, wild, sassy, caring, and beautiful and I know you’ll love her just as much as I do!

4 thoughts on “@HEALTHYMELONS

  1. Marissa

    I love that bikini! I actually bought the exact one, but I just don’t have the boobs for it so I put it up on eBay. I envy you haha!

  2. janice


  3. Jenn E

    That is a cute bikini!! Definitely following @HEALTHYMELONS!

  4. Alina

    Cute bikini!

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