Ahh, Hillstone. Not a Boston original restaurant, but that does not keep it from being “wicked good.”

In the heart of Faneuil Hall, marked by yellow umbrellas, you will find this upscale restaurant nestled in beside the trolley tours and the street performers. The elegance of the place itself is embodied in the efficiency of the staff and the superiority of the sushi.

Note: Do not confuse “upscale,” with “uptight,” when it comes to Hillstone. This is definitely a classier joint, but the staff are vibrant and smart, the drinks are executed with intoxicating perfection, and the salads are fresh reminders that one should never settle for lame lettuce and oily dressings.

Get ready for a palate epiphany.

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3 thoughts on “HILLSTONE

  1. I really like this spot – so cozy, and the kale salad is good!

  2. Oh wow. Such pretty food. It’s making me hungry for a good dinner out. Thanks for sharing at our linky 🙂

  3. The foods in your pics are mouth watering Kayte. Love it :P~~

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