It’s that time! You still have a million people to shop for and haven’t even started thinking about what you’re getting. Your best friends are easy, so are your parents, siblings and significant others. But what about those pesky people that you have to/want to give gifts to but can’t think of a single thing that would fit the bill? It’s happened many times to me, Dariel and Tilden! That’s why we’ve teamed together to bring you a comprehensive gift guide for the hard to shop for people in your life.


Here’s how it works: We have divided our gifts up into 3 categories of recipients. If the description and comments next to the gifts sound like a good fit, click the link and shop! If you still can’t find anything after reading these, visit Dariel’s guide and Tilden’s guide for more ideas. Happy Shopping and Good Luck!

 The Bellyachin’ Relative

We all have one. Most typically a relative or friend that never wants or likes anything but sulks if you don’t at least try.

1) Le Tote – This is a great option for the indecisive. Simply sign them up and pay for their first month (or a few) and you’ve got yourself a killer gift. It’s impossible for them to hate it because they are the ones choosing the styles that are sent to them. The best part? Your gift recipient can keep the items for as long as they want, and then send them back for a new box of items! Um, hi. Perfection? I think so.

2) Portable Charger Hey, at least this way if they’ don’t like your other gifts, they can play on their phone in the corner while they sulk.

3) Stanley Classic Flask – I find that flasks make great gifts. You can pair it with the person’s favorite beverage and it’s an instant success. This Stanley Classic Flask is simple, streamlined and easy to conceal which makes it great for events. Got a frat star in your life? Try a patterned or neon flask.

4) Assouline Publishing Assouline is known for their beautifully designed books and curated collection. There are hundreds of unique titles to choose from! Not only are these great coffee table books, but they can be awesome conversation starters as well.

5) L.L. Bean Gift Card Being from Maine, I will always turn to L.L. Bean for last minute/impossible gifting. One stop shop for awesomeness, plus their customer service is excellent making returns or exchanges easy if they hate it what they order.

The Kardashian Relationship

Got a significant other that you’ve only been dating for 72 days or less? These gifts are for you.

1) Stonewall Kitchen – Breakfast food heaven! This is a great gift and an excuse to spend the morning (or afternoon) making delicious food together.

2) Bluetooth Speakers – Sometimes the most random gifts are the most perfect. Like this sick skull speaker that adds a little spice to your decor. I also love the UE Boom – I use this in my apartment and it’s got great sound quality and battery life. Plus, you can hook two up at once for surround sound!

3) Unique Notebook – Whether it’s for writing down a grocery list or sketching in the park, I’m a firm believer that everyone should carry a notebook with them at all times. Great for men or women, this “Field Notes” 3-pack is a thoughtful gift. Maybe you could even write them a little note inside? Ehhh??

4) An Activity- What’s better than an excuse to spend time together? Not too serious (because you’ve only been dating for as long as Kim’s first marriage) so there’s no risk of overwhelming the recipient. Groupon and LivingSocial are two excellent sites for everything from 5k races to ballroom dancing and everything in between.

5) Canvas Wine Tote This baby is embroidered and has a pocket for a bottle of white and a bottle of red. I love wine so it stands to reason that I would love this too, as would your significant other.

The Frequent Flyer

For the jet setter in your life. It feels like they’re travelling more than they’re home!

1) Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones –  We’ve all been there. The screaming baby, the man in 3B who can’t stop coughing, the middle school girls behind you that won’t stop gossiping. Regardless of the scenario, I guarantee no one would be mad to have noise cancelling headphones.

2) Batiste Dry Shampoo Dry shampoo literally saves my life when I’m traveling. Regardless of how long the flight is, spray a little of this stuff on your roots and you’re on your way to looking #flawless – which let’s be honest, we all need that after “waking up like this” on a plane.

3) Slip on shoes – When traveling, you always need to be comfortable. You should also look somewhat put together becuase you never know who you can run into (I once met my swimming idol and fellow Mainer, Olympian Ian Crocker!)  I particularly like this option for women and this option for men.

4) Travel Accessories It’s SUCH a pain to have to worry about the amounts of liquids you’re attempting to carry on a flight. Luckily these awesome containers take the guess work out and they look really cool. Especially perfect as a stocking stuffer!

5) Memory Foam Neck Pillow – Allow me to introduce you to the most amazing neck pillow you’ve ever seen. I bought myself one of these at an airport and although it was the most expensive option, it was worth every penny. In fact, when I lost mine (obviously.) I bought another one (but in a different color in case I ever find the old one). It’s memory foam so it’s extra comfy and it has an extra pocket for your music!

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  1. mai tran

    Assouline Publishing is where I’m buying all the stock stuffing items from this year.

  2. Inge Speemanns

    I love this post! While reading it Major Lazer’s song Get Free popped into my head.

  3. This will make my last minute shopping a little easier.

    • I’m so glad to hear that! Thanks for stopping by xo

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