Not to toot my own horn or anything but I’ve heard more than once that I make the best guacamole…Don’t believe me? Try my recipe and find out for yourself!

Guac is not just ANY dipping snack, it’s a super delicious, healthy dipping snack. Heck, you don’t even have to dip it if you don’t want to! Spread it on a sandwich, throw it in your burrito, or if you’re really digging it just go straight at it with a spoon! Whatever your style may be, this nutrition packed snack is loaded with health benefits right down to the very last ingredient.

Usually when I make guacamole I like to make a lot. Either I’m sharing with friends or I’m on a guacamole binge, so my recipe measurements are good for a crowd or for you to have leftovers to enjoy all week long.


3-4 ripe avocados

2 limes

small onion

2-3 roma tomatos

cilantro bunch

a few dashes of cayenne pepper

1-2 honey mangos

You may notice there are a few variances in the ingredient amounts, but this depends on your flavor preference. Want more of a kick? Do a few heavy shakes of the cayenne pepper. Like to have some sweetness balance the spice and tartness? Throw a few extra chunks of mango in there. It’s all about your tastes and the best part is you can sample as you go.


Make sure the avocados are ripe enough (not too firm but not too soft), then split them open and dice those bad boys into the bowl. Take the limes and kneed them for a few seconds with your hands (this will loosen them up for more juice-ability). After that, cut them in half and make a few slits for juicier squeezes right into the bowl. Finely dice your tomatoes and throw them in too.

Once those steps are completed, cut your onion in half, peel off the outermost layer and give it a quick rinse under cool water (this will prevent you from sobbing while you cut the onions, unless you have other emotional things going on in which the guac will definitely help with). Finely dice the onions and throw them in your bowl. Now pluck a handful of cilantro leaves and sprinkle the small, diced pieces all over the bowl. Take your mangos (I used honey mangos because they’re slightly sweeter and softer), dice them up and throw them in.

By now your bowl should start looking like a pre game party for your mouth. Shake in a few dashes of cayenne pepper and start mixing and mashing. I like to take a fork and sharp knife for the initial mixing because it helps break down the avocado more and mix everything together (try not to drool into the bowl). Get an arm work out and smush everything up a bit until you get a consistency you like (I prefer mine a little chunky), then throw a little salt and pepper to taste and viola!


Avocados are loaded with unsaturated fats, the healthy type of fat. Healthy fat is essential to our bodies, and brain functions. It’s incredibly vital that we incorporate these into our diet, especially women who have a higher fat content, so eat up ladies! Guacomole is also loaded with dietary fiber, vitamin k, vitamin c and folate. All of these help with normal body functions, skin and brain health as well has immune boosting. What’s not to love?

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3 thoughts on “HOLY GUACAMOLE!

  1. Looks good! I love guacamole – never tried with mango but sounds interesting!

    • It’s so delicious! I love the added little kick that the mango provides.

  2. Istvánné V.

    Oh my! This looks sooo delicious and easy to prepare! Thank you for sharing – saving the recipe! 🙂

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