Photography by Kayte Demont

Modeling by Divinity Ray

People often ask me what differentiates Mass Musings from a normal lifestyle blog and I think these photos are a perfect representation of the answer. Although you typically see me, Kayte, as the face of #MassMusings, I’m just the personality. There are so many other components of this that really make it special. Every photographer that shoots me when I’m modeling, every model that assists in brand shoots, each fellow creative that attends meetups, all of the brands that advertise their products to a community that they know will be supporters – it would be impossible for Mass Musings to be what it is without every single person who has ever connected with our mission.

For example, this behind the scenes photo was taken by Juliana Moskow – a badass photographer who reached out about a collaboration in her senior year of school and then turned it into an internship. In frame you see Divinity Ray, a true free spirit and a rad hairstylist who is about to pursue the next level of her dreams in Los Angeles. Then you have me, shooting the actual content and loving every second because I get to do what I love as a job: connect with people and take photographs. All of these components come together to make Mass Musings the ultimate, one-stop shop for creative inspiration.

Mass Musings really is a community, a tribe, a collective of creative individuals who recognize that community is better than competition. Every single person who models for me, or chats on the podcast, or attends a meetup, or brand that collaborates – is part of the greater fabric of Mass Musings. Without the entire community, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do and I’m honored to be trusted to curate this for you. That right there, is what it’s all about.

 If you love MM and want to share it with people, please share this post to your people – your vibe attracts your tribe and we want all of the best people to know about what we’ve got going on! 


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