Sometimes you just really need to turn up the volume, throw on a koala onesie and lose your mind dancing around your house. 

I’ve always said that life is too short to take yourself seriously. As a child, you could most likely find me doing three things: making up dances with my friends to my favorite Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys songs, playing dress up in the basement (the whackier the outfit the better), and creating elaborate Playmobil towns with my best friend Chrissy. Although I’ve grown out of some of these activities (I’ll never stop dancing or playing dress up), my sense of imagination is stronger than ever. 

I feel lucky about that! Too often, I’ve come across adults that seem to have lost the twinkle in their eye. Maybe they’ve been bogged down by overwhelming responsibility for too long, or perhaps they’ve just lost track of their inner child and are too busy to find them. Either way, I’m challenging all of you to get silly. Use your imagination, create something beautiful, turn the music up and thrash around until you’re so excited that you fall to the floor in exhausted laughter. Whatever you decide, it will be worth it. Life is too short. Don’t take yourself seriously.

Want your own onesie? Find some good ones here.

Photography by Brad Bahner

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