I’m not going to lie… moving to California has been awesome. The weather is fantastic, being surrounded my new scenery has done wonders for my inspiration, and I finally feel as though I live in a space that I’ve curated as an individual and as a couple with Drew. It was 100% the right move to come out here and continues to feel like the right decision. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s all sunshine all the time. 

As I’ve said before, the thing about social media is that it really only depicts the parts of people’s lives that are exciting and perfect. If you don’t like how the aerial table shot of your hot dog looks, you can readjust the ketchup containers and fries until you are happy with the frame. But that’s not how real life is. Most of the time, you’re too busy rushing from place to place to even consider capturing your life for others to see. And why would you want to anyways? Those parts aren’t the glamorous, beautiful parts of life. 

That’s where I think we are all kind of wrong. Sure they aren’t the most glamorous, but I think that some of those moments really are the most beautiful parts of life. It’s in those more private moments that we grow and figure things out. When the world isn’t watching is when we truly flourish. Now that I’m starting to realize that, I’m trying to give myself a break and take it one day at a time. Since moving to Los Angeles, I can’t shake this feeling of wanting to reinvent myself (or at least something about myself) and I feel as though I’m being pulled in different directions. But maybe it’s okay to feel uncomfortable and unsure of literally every single thing that’s happening…. they always say “life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” right? Well here’s to living life way outside of our comfort zones and continuing to charge forward in pursuit of our dreams. Who’s with me? 


Kimono: Amuse Society, Bodysuit: American Apparel, Shorts: vintage Levi’s, Sunglasses: thrifted


Photography: Monica Justesen

EDIT: I just stumbled upon this remix of one of my favorite songs by Hundred Waters – it felt fitting, enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “KAYTE IN CALI

    • I’m so glad you enjoy it! Thanks so much for reading 🙂 xo

  1. Looks like your having fun in California, I’m glad you’re happy with the change! I was just in LA recently (stayed in Santa Monica) and it was totally dreamy. Keep us updated!

    • I’ll for sure keep you updated 🙂 Santa Monica is SO gorgeous – happy to hear you enjoyed your time here! xo

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