I can’t believe it’s summer! The months have been sneakily getting warmer and warmer and suddenly I’m sweating every time I leave the house. Drew swears that he has PTSD from the winter time and I couldn’t agree more. I step outside and my body goes into immediate panic that I’m not dressed in a million layers. The good news is, it’s gorgeous now and when it’s gorgeous, that means it’s perfect for activities! 

One of my favorite things to do in Boston is walk around the South End and visit the small businesses. It’s so great to see the community flourishing and to see people shopping local. But it’s not just the shops that I love about my neighborhood. The sense of community extends far beyond that! There are dog parks and playgrounds, farmers markets and restaurants. All of these things make me smile and I enjoy experiencing all of them with friends. 

The other day, my friend Olivia and I went for an afternoon stroll around the park behind our street (yes, we are lucky enough to live on the same street!). It had been a while since we caught up so we popped a squat and had ourselves a little picnic! No picnic is complete without the proper hydration and I just happen to be hooked on IZZE lately. Typically I like getting IZZE in bottle form but they’re cumbersome to carry around when I’m bringing multiple in my tote bag. The cans are easy to transport and still have that same awesome branding that all the IZZE products boast. A perfect addition to the perfect afternoon with a dear friend. 

Model: Olivia O’Reilly

Shorts: Madewell, Sweater: Madewell, Tote: Ban.do

*This is a sponsored post – all opinions are my own

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2 thoughts on “KICK BACK WITH IZZE

  1. I took a trip to Boston in the summertime a couple years ago . Grabbing an IZZE and spending the day at a park there sounds so refreshing. Living in the desert of Arizona, I don’t get to enjoy the outdoors unless I want to melt in 115 degree heat.

    Penn&Quill || Robin

    • Ooooo! I would definitely not be able to handle that heat so more power to you!
      Thanks so much for reading xoxo

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