Lost Kings have been flying under the radar for a little while now, but that’s about to change. Located in Los Angeles, California, Robert Gainley and Dr. No have turned their friendship into a killer combination of musical prowess. Avid whiskey drinkers and remix addicts, the pair is on their way to becoming a highly known name in the industry. When someone describes themselves as “two handsome men that are prone to fast and saucy behavior,” you know they’re a good time.

I asked the Lost Kings some juicy questions and their answers were nothing short of awesome. I suggest playing this killer remix of Disclosure’s “Latch” while you read:

1) How did the two of start making music? What brought you together?

We actually had a mutual friend who kept trying to connect us but it never really worked until we started drinking on my birthday. Then we had some whiskey, made a play date for the next Sunday and that day started working on a remix. We realized we really had the same goals and same vision so we decided to attack it together.

2) What do you categorize your music as (if at all)? Who are your biggest influences?

We like to think we are bringing the feel good vibes back to EDM. Right now our music definitely falls under progressive house but we have some fun experiments coming out real soon that wouldn’t completely fit under that category.

We are really influenced by all sorts of different music and artists. Both of us are huge fans of Galantis and their outlook on how they do original tracks. Another EDM artist who we are big fans of is Audien. But non EDM artists who have been big influences to us are The Weekend, Coldplay, Bloc Party, Ryan Leslie, and Chad Kroger.

3) What’s the craziest/ most obscene thing you’ve ever done in public?

Pull and pray

4) What are the top 3 venues/shows/festivals you are dying to play?

EDC, Echostage in DC, and Tommorowland

5) Lights on or off?

Completely dependent on the partner haha

6) Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

Harry Potter 100 percent! Emma Watson trumps all

7) Define fast and saucy behavior…

Making what some would call bad decisions after drinking a lot of bourbon

If you want more more of Lost Kings – check out their SoundCloud!

*images via Lost Kings

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