Photography by Kayte Demont


The main objective of the Mass Musings Meetups are to build community through collaboration, friendship, support and creativity. As we’ve grown and gotten bigger, and as we’ve started to really put roots down in Denver, our meetups have grown larger and more interactive. I’m proud to announce that this year we have had at least 3 brand new faces at every meetup, most of them being brand new to the city! It feels amazing to see so many people resonating with the message that we represent.

photo by Z Oviedo


For our June meetup, we teamed up with Lulu Alnite to create a unique opportunity for the creative community in Denver to come together and collaborate on a high-level production, this time PRIDE themed! Our hope was to provide a safe and accepting space for creatives and LGBTQ+  people to expand their breadth of work, gain valuable experience that they can easily apply to their own businesses, and network with other people who are stepping up to the plate in Denver.


photo by Z Oviedo


Straight off her Ultimate Queen 2019 win, Lulu brought the heat with several fierce looks, plenty of attitude, and poses only she is capable of. We had several other members from the drag community, as well as a handful of photographers and models. This meetup was all about PRIDE so anyone and everyone was welcome, even if they just wanted to watch from the sidelines. I think the most important thing I want to stress about Mass Musings is that we are a safe space. Myself and many of our contributors and creatives are members of the LGBTQ+ community, but there are just as many heterosexual members of the tribe. It’s beautiful that way and I believe truly creates equality and fosters community. It’s not about Gay or Straight, Black or White, purple, yellow, bisexual, whatever – we are all humans. And when you’re at a Mass Musings event, that’s what we want you to feel, human. And safe.


photo by Z Oviedo


The biggest THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in this collaboration. It wouldn’t have been what it was without every single person that was involved. Bummed you couldn’t make this meetup! No worries! We have them monthly – check out our Facebook Page for more info on the next one!


Here are the models and photographers that were involved (make sure you give them all a follow!):

@kaytedemont – Kayte Demont
@hatianhellcat – Jessica Savage
@thefashionsauce – Annie Goldman

@_hurricane_drea – Drea Gleason (Wiese)

@natrvsna – Natasha Savoyski
@julielikesfood – Julie Rodriguez
@kaptaininherpants – Kyle Lambert
@o5creativelabs – Zasil Oviedo

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