Something that I’ve been missing in the music scene lately is the level of intimacy that comes from an actual group of musicians. Unlike producers who tend to be a one-person act, a band has to be in tune with more than just the notes. They also need to have a personal connection in order to make their audience feel their passion. Meet Magic Man. Comprised of five members (Alex, Sam, Justine, Joey and Gabe), Magic Man has been climbing the ranks over the past few years. Now, all of their hard work is paying off! With a well-deserved headlining festival tour and a new album that released today, Magic Man is about to take the world by storm. 

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with band members Alex and Sam. Words can’t do their chill, playful attitudes (much like their music!) justice, but their interview was too fun to not include everything:

So, how did you all meet?

A: Sam and I grew up down the street in Newton [MA] and met on the playground in elementary school. We then played in a band together through high school.

S: We’ve been long time friends, we even had the same guitar teachers!

Congrats on your first major headlining tour, that’s super exciting! What venue or show are you most looking forward to?

A: Thank you! Probably Troubadour… we played there on our last tour and the venue has some great history and is known for it’s awesome sound so we are really excited to get back there.

So I hear you have a new bassist [Gabe], how’s that coming along? Any hazing required to let him in or was it an open armed bonding experience?

S: *laughs* no hazing was involved. Gabe also went to high school with us so we kept it all in the family. He also lives with our keyboardist Justine and is a really good friend so it was just a natural, seamless fit.

That actually brings me to my next question, I know that the two of them [Gabe and Justine] are doing their own side project, which is awesome! Tell me a little bit more about that and what does that mean in terms of their relationship with Magic Man?

A: Everyone has the band but also their own creative project that they’re working on. It’s fun, I think it’s nice to know that everyone is motivated to make more music, even though we are always really involved with our shows. It’s refreshing to work with people who still want to do more, even after all that!

Okay, now for the silly questions. What’s the most absurd thing to ever happen to you during a show?

A: We played one show in Toronto where the lights went out, like there was something wrong with the venue’s lighting system and the lights wouldn’t come back on for maybe 4 or 5 minutes. It was kind of cool though because we just kept playing our set in the dark and people were using their cellphones to light us up on stage… so I guess that was kind of strange.

S: Yeah, it was like floating orbs throughout this dark audience, but it was funny because no one knew what to do. Usually at shows the technical difficulties are on your [the performer’s] end or the sound board or something, but it seemed like no one really knew what was going on so we just kept playing.

If Magic Man were compared to a TV sitcom, which one would it be?

S/A: 30 Rock, Seinfeld, or Hey Arnold!

What are the must have snacks that you need to have while touring? Also, does anyone get hangry and if so, what do you do to avoid it?

A: *laughs* “Hangry”, wow I love that expression, I’ve never head that! I’m definitely going to start using that.

S/A: Chipotle burritos, goldfish, BBQ chips, a lotta water, gotta stay hydrated! [As an aside] Justine, what do you need to not get hangry? *pause* Kashi bars… she declines to answer but, Kashi bars.

Would you rather have the hiccups for the rest of your life, or have to sneeze for the rest of your life and not be able to?

S: The hiccups are very unpleasant because, when you’re trying to speak and be taken seriously, and the hiccups interrupt you every two seconds, it’s just annoying. That feeling of having to sneeze is also annoying but I feel like you can cope with it better.

A: Especially as performers, if you’re hiccuping during a performance it’s not exactly very appealing. Also, I think you would eventually get used to the feeling of having to sneeze but the hiccups could strike at any moment.

If for some unfathomable reason, you still haven’t fallen in love with Magic Man, listen to one of their songs below. Think synth rock with a beachy, energetic, uber-happy vibe! Need more Magic Man right now? Head on over to iTunes and download their album Before The Waves – released TODAY! 

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