Photography by Kayte Demont


Several months ago I launched the Mass Musings Podcast in hopes to bring my collaborations and connections with others off the screen and into a new dimension. In true Kayte spirit, I dove headfirst into the podcast world and learned as I went. It was an amazing experience but it quickly fell by the wayside when life crept in and it stayed there when I realized that I wanted to shift gears with the content I was producing. What I really want to deliver is less structure, more flow, more emotion and more conversation. Often times I’m left feeling so inspired by conversations with friends and acquaintances and these interactions have left me hungry for more growth and more forward motion. Thus, the relaunch of the Mass Musings Podcast so that I can share with all of you! 

This episode’s guest has become one of my closest friends in Denver and is a fellow photographer, event producer and creative hustler. Halle Madeleine is an inspiration to not only myself, but a vast majority of the scene in Denver. Her knack for bringing people together and her sense of adventure set her apart from the crowd and lend themselves perfectly to her collaborations with brands and people alike. Halle and I connected when a mutual friend put us in touch for a spur of the moment photoshoot and solidified our friendship on an epic road trip sponsored by Toyota. I’m constantly in awe of passion, empathy, organization, and drive and it’s an honor to have her on the podcast to discuss creativity and life in general.


Follow Halle on Instagram and check out her Website!

Don’t forget to grab your tickets to Mass Musings x General Assembly: Vision Boarding Workshop! Halle and I are teaming up to give you the best experience we can – can’t wait to see you and your friends there!

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