Photography by Corinna Lander @rememberyourvoice | Ivory Saghy @chaivorylatte

Welcome to the 6th episode of the Mass Musings Podcast! My name is Kayte Demont and I’m the Founder as well as a professional photographer, creative mentor and event producer. I founded Mass Musings in 2012 as a place for creative individuals to find inspiration. Since its inception, Mass Musings has grown into a lifestyle and music collective that aims to connect people through creativity and community.

What makes Mass Musings stand out from other blogs is the photography and personality in each post. I make a point to truly collaborate with brands or other artists in order to create unique and authentic content as I believe that this is what builds community and how influence is made.

I’m here today with Meg Jamison, founder of SoulWork, Transformation Guide, Branding guru and all around fantastic human. Meg and I first met via Instagram (how all great relationships start) and immediately clicked. We found each other through a mutual friend and knew instantly that coffee was in order. Since that day, I have learned that Meg is one of the most loving and intuitive people that I have ever met. Her view on the world is unique and refreshing and her approach to life is open and joyful.

Meg uses her gifts to help guide others. Her work spans from mentoring to movement, art to branding, and I’m honored to have her here today to discuss part of her journey as well as some tips for all of you.

Follow Meg here!

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