Memorial Day is one of those holidays that I never know how to celebrate. Do I throw a party? Do I go on a trip? Typically it’s only a long weekend so there isn’t much time to plan a big excursion. It’s also not really warm enough (at least in New England) to break out the bathing suits and go to the beach. So, usually for holidays like Memorial Day, I end up rallying with a group of friends and celebrating by spending time enjoying the people I care about. Lucky for me, one of those people is Heather who is a seriously talented mixologist and tends the bar at Legal Crossing downtown.

For the unofficial start of summer, and to take your celebrations to the next level, we teamed up with IZZE to bring you an extra-tasty cocktail that we dubbed the Memorial Day Float. It’s easy to make and a fast way to take your celebrations to the next level in a fun and unique way. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

1.5 oz dark rum
1.5 oz lemonade
fresh lemon squeezed
Frozen ice cubes
Izze Sparkling Blueberry Soda

– Mix the rum and lemonade and shake vigorously
– Pour over ice cubes
– Add Izze Sparkling Blueberry
– Garnish with a strawberry and a few blueberries
– Serve and enjoy!

– makes one drink –
*this is a sponsored post – all opinions are my own

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