2017 started off with bang. In more ways than one. Back in January of this year, I ventured down to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for The BPM Festival. It was a weekend full of love, music, friendship and dancing. The overall festival and location was amazing. A small contingency of the #PineappleDiscoSquad got an Airbnb with a gorgeous roof-top pool that was close enough to two of the venues that if felt as if we were always a part of the action. We were able to roam the streets of Playa del Carmen together, dance in the sand and sun to our favorite songs next to our favorite DJs, and consume more Mexican food and Mezcal margaritas than we probably should’ve. With parties like Paradise and Desert Hearts, it was pretty impossible not to have an amazing time.

While we were in Mexico, we also took a trip to Tulum for a few days. The whole crew showed up for Damian Lazarus‘ mini festival Get Lost which was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced. Held at a cenote deep in the jungle of Tulum, Day Zero boasted soul-enhancing vibes, beautiful people (seriously every where I looked was an amazingly attractive person), and unreal music and production. There were multiple times throughout the night that I caught myself in a state of bliss, soaking in my surroundings, grooving to the beat and splashing my feet in the cenote waters. The sound was unparalleled, the company unbeatable.

One of my favorite discoveries of the week was Satori who remains one of my favorite artists of 2017 thus far. This mix, particularly his edit of “Day-O” (around minute 54 of this mix) still has me on a music high:

In addition to attending Day Zero while we were in Tulum, Drew, Austin and I had the chance to explore a little bit of the city. Being surrounded by so much culture, pattern, texture, nature and music was so inspiring and so necessary for my soul. I went into the BPM trip knowing that I wanted this to be my vacation as well as a music festival and I’m happy to say that’s exactly how it was.

While writing this post, I feel as though it is necessary to address a proverbial “elephant in the room.” When I said that 2017 started out with a bang, I meant it both literally and figuratively. Unfortunately, the last night of BPM, there was a tragic shooting at The Blue Parrot, a club that most all of my friends were at. Luckily, Drew and I had decided to leave the renowned Elrow party early (something in my gut was telling me it didn’t feel right). We parted ways with our friends and made moves home for the evening. Not more than 20 minutes later, we were delivered the news of a shooter opening fire on the club. Austin (who ran through the door more upset and shaken than I have ever seen him in my life) saw much of it happen which makes me sick to think that someone I consider family could’ve been one of the people to go down. I don’t really want to get into many of the details (if you’d like to read them, here is a link to an article), but I will say this: unfortunately tragedies like this happen every day in this world. It doesn’t make it any easier and it’s certainly much harder to deal with when it’s so close to home. However, we as a community will continue to spread love and good vibes to all that we meet. It’s awful that BPM had to end in this way but I urge us not to forget how positive of an experience it was otherwise.

Take some time to scroll through the entire photo carousel. There’s a lot of photos but I tried to post the ones that truly captured the spirit of my experience in Mexico. I hope you enjoy!

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