Pretty much everywhere I go, I have at least one moment where I find myself wishing I could take photos at a particular spot. I could be driving and see a run-down motel and boom! Epic editorial photo shoot location. Maybe I’m taking the train to the airport and the light is streaming perfectly through the clouds, casting the most epic glow on a field. This field might be on the side of a highway, but it doesn’t matter. 

The beauty of being a photographer is that if you have an eye for it, anything can be art. My photo professor in college once confesses that he was known to stop his car on the side of the road if he felt compelled to capture the shot. That really resonated with me and now I am known to frequently do the same thing. 

While it would be nice to keep a list of all the places I want to shoot, I’m far too ADHD to make that a reality. Luckily, there are a few serendipitous occasions when it all falls together and I get to revisit a fleeting thought and shoot it. Molly, Ashley and her sweet dog Lyric were kind enough to let me photograph them on a random Sunday when I was feeling creative. Crazily, Ashley suggested that we venture to Confluence Park, a park that housed a glorious set of stairs that I had been wanting to shoot at (a product of a walk-by a few weeks prior). Two beautiful women, a dog and a creative energy surge at a bucket list location? Thanks Universe!


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