For this week we’ve decided to move the playlist to Monday to give everyone a fresh sampling of beats on Monday morning, rather than on Friday. We figured there’s nothing worse than knowing you have a full week of 9am-5pm ahead of you… so, why not provide our listeners with some fresh tunes to get their week started on the note (pun intended)?!

For the first iteration or Monday Movers I’ve compiled a playlist of smooth tracks that should invigorate your body and soul . You’ll notice that there are a number of artists on this list whose names you’ll recognize from other Mass Musings playlists, such as Jamie Jones, Lee Foss,  MK, Moon Boots, and Fabian Luttenberger,

This playlist features tracks from some of these artists that are outside of their normal realm of work.– which I always find worth a listen. What I’ve found in discussions with DJ/Producers is that it’s a challenge for them to balance creating the music they want to create, with creating the music that their fans want to hear. It’s easy (particularly with some success) to become siloed in one particular genre. While many artists will ride this wave, since it’s gaining them fame and success, I’ve found it hampers their career in the long run and leads to artistic frustration and dissatisfaction.

For this reason, I always find it interesting when a producer I follow releases a track outside of their typical genre (or starts a side-project under a different name). Not only do I find it interested to explore their their range and talent… but tracks like these also help me to better understand who they are as a producer/artist — even if I don’t like the track!

*all images courtesy of the @disco_naps instagram

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