Phew! What a year it has been. Over the past 12 months, so much has happened that it makes my head spin. It’s a lot to take in: I moved to Los Angeles, hit 8 festivals and too many shows to count. I worked several jobs, met an insane amount of new people, and took photos that I’m really proud of. I swam in an outdoor pool down the street from my apartment and began a yoga practice. I travelled all over the country and saw two of my close friends get married. I made a lot of really rough mistakes, but I also made some decisions that led to vast personal growth and happiness. 

Los Angeles has been a wild ride to say the least. There are so many amazing things to do and living in such a large city (that is about as far outside of my comfort zone as you can get) has taught me a lot about myself. The number one thing? That although California has many benefits and positive attributes, it’s not the best fit for me and the lifestyle that I’m trying to create for myself. But that’s okay! Los Angeles has just been a stop on my path towards living my best life. 

Here I am, 12 months later, gearing up for another move across state lines – this time to Denver, Colorado. After a year of struggling to get my life together, Denver is a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively). I’ve already lined up a job in marketing for a company that I’m passionate about and Drew and I found an incredible apartment that’s close to the RiNo Arts District. The fact that these two huge life events have fallen into place so seamlessly is a sign to me that moving to Colorado is the right switch. I’m excited to slow down and take a step back from my current, chaotic life.  I’m thrilled to start contributing to an arts community that is in it’s early stages of development. But the one thing I’m most looking forward to is space. Space to breathe, to create, to think. Space to live. 

Growing up in Maine, I took for granted how much space I had to do things. I’m learning that I’m a person who values a different lifestyle than what I thought I wanted in Los Angeles. I want room to grow, room to explore, and room to just be. I wasn’t able to find that in Los Angeles for myself so being able to already feel that in Denver is something that I’m very grateful for. Denver holds the promise of peace and prosperity and I can’t wait to be in a better head space that allows me to create and connect with other creative individuals who are interested in community. 

The official move date is mid-March, just a few short weeks away. For my final moments as a California resident, I plan on enjoying every second I can with the friends that I’ve made here. It’s not going to be easy to say goodbye, it never is, but I know it’s only see you later – I’ll be back to visit before I know it. To all that I’ve crossed paths with, thank you. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me and for teaching me so much about myself and the world. Thank you for your talents and your gifts, for your dance moves, hugs, laughs and tears. Each of you hold a special place in my heart and I hope that we can share these moments again in the future. I love you all, and I mean that sincerely.

Denver here I come!


Hat: c/o Volcom, Duster: c/o Volcom, Leggings: New Balance, Boots: L.L. Bean

Photography: Drew Roy

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  1. I will miss you girl! Hope the move brings you all that you need <3 And you know that you can always crash at our place when you're hanging in LA – Rudes is always looking for a snuggle buddy 😉

    Sending you and Drew all of the love and good vibes in this next stage of your journey.


    • We will miss you guys so much! But we will also be back to visit before you know it <3

  2. Good luck in your next adventure Kayte!

  3. Bill Nichols

    You guys are going to live it there! Definitely be that way to visit in the future. Have to get you guys down for dinner before you take off!

  4. congrats, that’s an exciting move! Denver seems so awesome. I’m inspired by your fearlessness and willingness to try big, new things!

    • Thank you so much!! Hope you’re well xoxo

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