If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you know that I’m a huge fan of promoting other people’s passions. I believe that everyone should have a shot at achieving success and I’ll do what I can to help them follow a dream. So when the ladies of Binge Knitting contacted me, I was super pumped. Not only are they doing it big, but they’re doing it big out of their apartment in NYC.

kayte_02 (1)
Meet Barbara Bremer, Carolina Herrera, and Adriana Longoria, the three students who combined their knowledge of business and design with their hobby of knitting: “The idea behind every Binge is to tell the story of where our fashion products come from, and the thoughtful design process they go though – from ideation to handcrafting to final product. Binge Knitting believes in celebrating craftsmanship and the artisan’s talent, and thus looks for innovative ways to showcase their stories and individual touch.” 

I love handcrafted pieces that are well-made and wearable. This Twisted Cowl they sent me is absolutely to die for. It’s soft and comfortable (not itchy!) and is the perfect finisher to make any outfit look effortless. This piece is my new go-to and will absolutely be making a serious appearance in my wardrobe rotation. Like what you see? Head over to their newly launched website to shop this look and others. While you’re at it, make sure you join the movement and use their hashtag: #neverwearwhatever 

(p.s. their instagram is to die for.)

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Twisted Cowl – c/o Binge Knitting; Sweater – J.Crew


  1. Love this! Cable scarves are one of my favorites.

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