You know when you meet someone new and you immediately click? That’s how I felt when I first met Sofi Madison of Olives & Grace. Something about her spirit draws people in, which is perhaps why her store is so successful. Boasting the tagline “a curtsy to the maker,” Olives & Grace showcases boutique goods from local artisans and creators. Sofi set out to create a space where she could support friends and neighbors in their creative endeavors and the result is a spectacular store front in the South End of Boston. 

“We feature emerging artists, gift producers, and small batch food makers from big cities and  quiet neighborhoods across the country.  We’re fighting the good fight by helping to preserve the simple pleasure of walking into a shop and discovering products that have been drafted and perfected by skilled craftsmen. Their signatures, (be it a batch number or hand-sewn label), are marks of completion and pride.  The meticulous and well-earned seal of approval from a maker is what Olives & Grace is all about.” It’s this aspect of Olives & Grace that attracts me the most. I’ve always appreciated a good eye for design and a passion for supporting the little guys. So, when I found out that not only was there a store that supported them, but also a thoughtful human, I was absolutely thrilled. 

I swear to you I could find everything I ever needed for a thoughtful gift in Olives & Grace. From interesting drink mixes to hand printed note cards to out of the box jewelry, the entire store is a treasure box. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers or the perfect gift for someone that’s hard to shop for, enlist in Sofi’s help. I promise you’ll leave the store feeling excited and in the giving spirit. 

Next time you find yourself moving slow on a Saturday or Sunday morning (heck, even if you took the day off to run errands) make Olives & Grace a mandatory stop on your list. You may even get a chance to meet one of the makers as they’re often popping up and demonstrating in person! Inspiration and smiles guaranteed.


Olives & Grace

623 Tremont St.

Boston, MA

(617) 236-4563

click here for hours and more info

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11 thoughts on “OLIVES & GRACE

  1. What a lovely shop! It looks amazing and like a really fun experience shopping there. I have to go check it out! I am due for some Holiday shopping.

  2. Next time I am in Boston, I’ll make this a must go to. I love the whole idea of supporting local artists, yet sets the bar high in terms of standards. Wish I was closer:)

  3. Little shops supporting artisans and artists producing on a human scale are few and far between. Unfortunately, this one is part of the those “far between” for me. However, my sisters-in-law live in Cambridge, Mass and I think Olives & Grace would appeal to their sensibilities.

  4. I’d love to try MIKE’S HOT HONEY from the shop.

  5. I love looking through little shops like this. Always something for everyone 🙂

  6. Such a quaint shop. I love places like this…thanks for sharing!


  7. Inge Speemanns

    This shop looks gorgeous! Would love to have a look at it

  8. It is nice idea by Olives & Grace to support local artists. Thanks for sharing. all pictures are very nice and show the skill of artists.

  9. Do they have a website for non-locals to be able to see their offerings?

    • Unfortunately no, but you can curate your own gift box and have it shipped anywhere online. I’m assuming if you see something that you like, you can call and Sofi would happily ship it to you! 🙂

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