I have no idea where the time goes but I do know that the Holidays are right around the corner. I’ve barely stared thinking about gifts – not that that’s anything new, but typically I’ve at least tossed some ideas around. Luckily for all of us, Organic Bath sent me some AH-mazing organic products to pamper myself with! Not only are these fantastic for your skin and body but they make perfect gifts for pretty much everyone that could ever be on your list.

Spiced Cacao Body Scrub – This stuff is so great. A little bit of this scrubbed into your skin leaves it feeling exfoliated and super clean. I would recommend this for the athlete in your life (this would have been awesome during swim season to rejuvenate my skin) 

Drenched Organic Body Butter [with Argan and Jojoba] – I’ll be honest with you, the Organic Bath website can tell you more about why this stuff works than I can, but MAN is my skin hydrated! I usually get extemely dry skin during the winter months. It’s not a fun problem to have and even though I lather up on lotion, it never seems to do the trick. The first time I tried this body butter I was completely amazed. It goes on a bit greasy but quickly sets into the skin leaving it hydrated (without any residue). 

Refreshmint Body Oil – Ummmm WHERE has this been all my life?! This product has similar hydrating powers to the body butter, but instead of just feeling silky smooth, I felt instantly transformed into a surfer chick with dewy skin. Need I say more?

Whether you buy these as stocking stuffers, gifts for your friends and family, or as a treat for yourself, Organic Bath is definitely the way to go. I’m a firm believer that if we all make an effort to get back to the basics and take strides towards a healthier lifestyle, we can influence future generations to live healthier too.

*PSA for all you people out there who like grammar like I do – I’ve never known how to spell “whether” properly and I’m glad I checked. Apparently “wether” (without the “h”) means a castrated male goat… so there’s that!

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4 thoughts on “ORGANIC BATH CO.

  1. Inge Speemanns

    I love the Refreshment body oil! Have been using it for a while now.

  2. Irena

    I’d like to taste it!

  3. mai tran

    I’d love to try Spiced Cacao Body Scrub, interesting ingredients!

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