I recently heard someone say that August is like the Sunday Funday of Summer. As painful as it is for me to admit that it’s is coming to an end, I have to say that I agree. The days seem to be flying by so I’m doing everything I can to make sure that each moment is packed with activities and quality time spent with friends. No Summer scaries for me! 

One thing that I haven’t done enough of is picnicking. There’s something about food, friends, and sunshine that makes me feel 100% content. However, packing everything into a basket, trekking all the way to the Public Garden, and then dealing with the birds and pesky animals makes me stressed. Instead, I met up with Britt at her new apartment for an afternoon chill session complete with healthy snacks, sips and conversation. Best part? We set everything up on her rooftop! No squirrels or ducks stealing my food – yes! 

Let me preface the rest of this post by saying that I am no expert chef. However, I was pretty proud of myself when my suggestion of watermelon on top of avocado toast squares ended up being my favorite on our menu. Whats more is that it’s super easy to make and it also pairs perfectly with IZZE’s Sparkling Peach! 

 Watermelon Avocado Toast Squares

Mash an avocado in a bowl and add lime juice

Spread on top of multigrain toast squares

Top with watermelon


For more instructions and recipes from this picnic spread, head over to Britt’s blog!

While it’s true that Summer is winding down, you still have plenty of time to get out and enjoy the nice weather! To take that enjoyment to the next level, we’ve created an extra special IZZE cocktail to go along with any picnic. Want to make it yourself? Subscribe to our email list on the right side of this page and we will send you the recipe.


Shirt: Beacon’s Closet, Shorts: J.Crew, Sunglasses: Space Ninety 8, Shoes: Artemis Design Co.


Shirt: Topshop, Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, Shoes: Sam Edelman


Blanket: Urban Outfitters, Dishware: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Artemis Design Co.

*This is a sponsored post – all opinions are my own

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