Right before the New Year, close friend and contributor, Wade Holland and I got together for a hilariously fun photo shoot. Wade has a knack for taking the simplest concept and turning it all the way up. That’s what I love most about him, as a friend and a creative partner. We have an idea, we don’t think about it too hard, we just go out and have fun and make dope shit. It’s how we both have fun and it’s so nice to be able to experiment with different styles of photography. For example, I’d been wanting to play around with my flash for a while – I think it’s possible to get some really cool, stylized shots (having Wade dressed in a speedo with a raccoon cap and a recorder didn’t hurt either!).

Because this is such a ridiculously silly concept, it only felt natural to fill the “Raccoons and Recorders” playlist with throwback hits (think Ludacris and Run DMC) to get the party started. Happy Friday friends – I hope this playlist gets you primed and ready for the weekend!

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