I think the first thing I asked was, “What does ‘sarma’ mean?”

Pantea (my roommate) pointed to the top of the menu. It means a small portion of food that is wrapped up, or rolled, or enveloped, meant to be bite sized and shared. “An embrace,” the menu said.

Never has a name been more appropriate. The whole experience is an embrace. When you’re sharing food, sampling dish after dish, discussing the mind-boggling flavor pairings, you realize how incredible (and meaningful) this dining experience truly is. The love of good food and the perfect drink embraces you and Sarma becomes the restaurant you don’t want to leave because you had such a great meal.

But what makes a restaurant besides the food? Atmosphere. Sarma takes that funky, elegance found in their food and puts it all around you. Walking into a purple-blue haze, the lighting and decor is the first thing that will catch your eye. The walls are adorned with ornate, hand-painted plates. The raw wood tables compliment the brightly colored booths. Some of the lights are gorgeous mosaic lanterns, some are hung from colored strands, and others are part of hand-hammered Turkish serving platters. There are evil-eyes literally IN the bar, so you can feel a little assured as you sip on the amazing cocktails created by the talented bartenders.

This place is unbelievable, and I suggest you get there immediately so I can stop ranting and raving, because I’m getting hungry again, and I could go for a drink.


249 Pearl St.

Somerville, MA

(617) 764 – 4464

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