You learn a lot once you hit college. For example, how to leave for class without waking your highly noise-sensitive roommate, which dining halls have the best late night options, and whose English lectures are actually worth taking. These are all highly important pieces of knowledge; don’t get me wrong. They’ve saved me from dealing with a grumpy roommate, greasy food, and Bueller-style professors. But there is one discovery in particular that transcends them all. Two words, my frugal friends: student discounts.

When I learned my student ID could get me a whole lot more than access to my dorm, everything changed. The clouds parted, and behind them were free admission to museums, marked down clothing, and lots of cheap food. We all know that being a student is difficult fiscally since it’s nearly impossible to maintain both a full course load and a solid income. While it may not be realistic to go out frequently, these discounts make those special occasions a little more affordable.

Here are a few ways you can receive student discounts:

  • Shopping (J.Crew, Madewell, and Asos, to name a few)
  • Music (Spotify and Rdio both cut their monthly rates in half)
  • Computers (Need a new laptop? Apple provides back-to-school discounts)
  • Movies (If Netflix isn’t satisfying enough… AMC has discounted movie nights every Thursday)
  • Museums (Local students often receive discounts or, better yet, free access)
  • Travel (Greyhound buses offer discounts and so does Eurail, also known as every Euro-tripper’s transportation staple)
  • News (Educate yourself on the cheap with the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Economist)
  • Amazon. Enough said.

Enjoy yourself and try to hold onto that ID for as long as you still look somewhat like a student (I’m looking at you, recent college grads).

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