Maine is and always will be my favorite state. I’m what they call a true Mainer, born and bred in Vacationland. However, the older I get  the more people tell me that I seem like I’m from California, or at least the West Coast. At first I was a bit offended by this statement – how could anyone assume I was from anywhere other than Maine?! Once I spent a solid amount of time traveling to the opposite side of the country, I started to see what they were referring to.

You may remember my love affair with Santa Monica when I was there for Hard Summer Music Festival. I thought my wanderlust had hit an all time high but I was wrong! A few weeks ago, I ventured to Seattle to visit my best friend Chrissy and let me tell you: boarding the plane home was pretty painful. Not only was I upset about leaving my friend, but in three short days I had completely fallen head over heels for her city.

I’ll admit that I got excited about pretty much every activity that we completed while I was there, but one overarching theme stood out from the whole experience. Something about the aesthetic of Seattle really struck a chord. People out there are so nice and laid back; not once did I hear an angry car horn or a disgruntled pedestrian scolding another for cutting them off. Not to mention, they seemingly pay attention to every detail of their visual lives. Even the typography of the store logos were right up my ally! Overall, I was blown away by the design, culture, scenery and lifestyle of Seattle and I will definitely be returning!

Here are some of my favorite places that I visited: 

Ballard Farmers Market *where most of these photos were taken

Keys On Main – Dueling Piano Bar

Pike Place Market 

Barrio Mexican Kitchen and Bar

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