It was junior year of college and one my oldest and closest friends, Helen, had just returned from studying abroad in Seville, Spain. Being as close as we are, I had been updated with the happenings overseas and knew that she had fallen in love with a wonderful Spanish police officer named Juanma. Although their relationship had been wonderful, she expressed concerns of staying together while she finished up her last year of college in the United States. 

Fast forward several years of love and living abroad – Helen and Juanma got engaged! They are perfect for each other, a great team who keeps the fun and passion in their relationship on a daily basis. It’s abundantly clear how much they adore each other and it was such a treat for me to be able to witness their union – in beautiful Sevilla nonetheless! I could go on for ages about how much I love the two of them and how utterly gorgeous their wedding was, but I’ll leave that to your imagination (just trust that it was a wedding for the ages and will be hard to beat!). 

While I was for Helen’s wedding, I spent a week in a cute AirBnB right near the Cathedral. I consumed more tapas than any human should, but I also got to walk miles and miles every day, exploring the city and photographing everything that caught my eye. It was the type of European travel experience that I dream of on a daily basis! Coffee and brushing up on my Spanish speaking skills, camera in hand, soaking up all of the culture and color and energy. I felt full when I returned to the States and ready to take charge of whatever was in my path. 

I didn’t include all of my photos in this post (because realistically, we would be here until Sunday – maybe one day I’ll do a study of Spanish doors and architecture), but these are several of my favorites. I hope you enjoy!


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