Boston is a city full of innovative, intelligent and creative people. We like to socialize and we have a strong appreciation for a curated aesthetic. Those same characteristics are what brought Matt Kurtzman, Zack Robinson, and Jackson Hewlett together in pursuit of a unique type of distillery. Located in Everett, MA, Short Path combines a gin and rum distillery with a space to congregate and drink with friends. Their hope in creating such an inviting space, is to foster the sense of community that is so important to local business owners and residents. 

The name “Short Path” has two meanings to the three founders. The first meaning comes from the method in which the alcohol is distilled. “Short path distillation” is the scientific term used when describing the distillation that occurs with a pot still. The pot stills used at Short Path Distillery are copper which allows them to produce the best tasting product in the most efficient way. The second meaning gives nod to their pledge of connecting the local community: “the shorter the path your spirits take between where they’re made and where they’re consumed, the more rewarding your drinking experience will be.” 

I had the best time meeting Matt and Zack (sadly Jackson was working elsewhere when I visited the space). They’re both passionate about combining the science of distilling with the taste of the product and it truly showed. On my tour of the distillery, they opened the copper stills so that I could see the inside and they shared some of the raw ingredients they use. Something to note: Short Path tries to use all organic ingredients whenever they can. How cool is that?! I can tell you first hand that their attention to detail and commitment to flavor is well worth it. Personally, I love the gin but I’m open to switching to rum if someone wants to join me!

If you’d like to experience the Short Path magic yourself, swing by the space for a tour or bring your friends to the tasting room for a fun afternoon of cocktails! Definitely a new spot to add to your Boston bucket list.


Friday 5pm – 9pm

Saturday 12pm – 9pm

Sunday 12pm – 9pm

Fun fact: The Short Path Distillery used to be an old rubber factory! It’s now been completely renovated, incorporating original pieces from the factory, and is an absolutely beautiful space – check out some of the before and after photos on their Instagram!


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