Don’t let me show cruelty
Though I may make mistakes
Don’t let me show ugliness
Though I know I can hate
And don’t let me show evil
Though it might be all I take
Show me love
Show me love
Show me love
Don’t let me think weakly
Though I know that I can break
Keep me away from apathy
While I am still awake
And don’t let me think too long
Of the one I’m bound to face
Show me love
Show me love
Show me love

Several months ago, I discovered Bid Wild’s Remix of “Show Me Love.” It’s a song that’s stuck with me due to it’s meaningful lyrics and it’s unique, beautiful sound. In short, it gives me all of the feels. Around the time when I first started listening to it, I went to my home state of Maine with some friends to see Griz. Big Wild was opening, but in true Kayte fashion, I had only paid attention the to album art and not the actual artist who had remixed it, so I had no idea that he was the master behind the sound. In this situation, that actually turned out to be a positive because as Big Wild closed out his opening set, “Show Me Love” came over the speakers and I shrieked with joy! There’s nothing like being surprised by one of your favorite songs that you never thought you would be able to hear live.

Fast forward to now – next week I’ll be attending Lightening In A Bottle festival with one of the friends who was at that show with me in Maine and Hundred Waters (who has the original “Show Me Love”) is playing. It’s a small coincidence but one that I’m thrilled about. What I’m most excited about for this festival is the opportunity to take time for true self-exploration and soul searching. Typically when I attend festivals (especially camping ones) I’m completely in my comfort zone, surrounded by Drew and my friends. This time, I’ll be with a few friends and no Drew, which will leave ample time to forge stronger bonds with others and myself. Additionally, I’m excited for the opportunity to see shows that I might not have been able to catch at other festivals and discover new artists that aren’t yet on my radar.  I’ll be taking photos and creating lots of fun art while I’m there so look out for a future post recapping the experience. But, until then, take a deep breath and relish in the goodness that is Big Wild and Hundred Waters.


Top: Free People, Jeans: Free People, Shoes: unknown, Sunglasses: Free People, Necklace: Free People

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