One thing that I was super nervous about before moving was how I was going to fit all of my stuff into a smaller space. If you remember 195 Webster, Drew and I were fortunate enough to have a palatial apartment that was far beyond anything we needed… but damnit was it nice! And that view…..

Anyway! I’m actually very pleased with the fact that we downsized because frankly, I’m an awful house keeper. It is a STRUGGLE for me to keep things orderly so if I have a smaller space to deal with, life becomes significantly easier. That being said, working with a small apartment means that I needed to get creative with utilizing all the space that I could. 

Luckily, I had my interior decorator mother to help me construct the new space. Between her small apartment ideas and my design preferences, we came up with a comfortable, budget friendly, gender neutral space that pleases both me and Drew. I’m going to be a bit unconditional and list some of my favorite pieces, how they came to look like they do, and why they’re a perfect fit for my small space.

1) Love Seat: Bought at a consignment store (never used) for a fraction of the original price. Perfect for this space because a full size couch would have taken up (literally) the entire room and made the space feel cramped.

2) Dining Table with folding sides: Donated from/found in my parents basement. Repainted for a fresh, modern look. Fits exactly in the bay window area (for lack of a better term) and the folding sides allow for more room if we are entertaining.

3) Pattern Chairs: Donated from/found in my parents basement. Repainted and reupholstered to fit our taste. The open form of the wooden base creates the illusion of more space and pulls together the seating area when coupled with the love seat.

4) Coffee Table: Really a metal trunk, that we already had, that was coincidentally the perfect size for a table. It was placed haphazardly while moving in and we realized it was ideal for extra storage.

5) Mirror: Placing a large mirror above the mantle reflects light around the entire room, making it appear larger (especially when placed against the brick).

Overall, I’m elated with how the space turned out. It’s a perfect blend of both me and Drew and truly feels like home. I hope you like it as much as I do! I’d love to know your small apartment ideas too – please post them in the comments to share!

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8 thoughts on “HQ – LIVING AREA

  1. It’s so cozy! And I love all the bright, bold colors! And those windows are killlerrrrrr

  2. I adore all the touches of metallic in this space. The brick creates a warm atmosphere while the bright colors liven up the room. All the vintage touches give a great nod to personality.


  3. It fits together so perfectly! I especially love that you were able to get the love seat at a fraction of the price! LOVE IT!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

    hugs! Amber

  4. Kayte, what an amazing space. Bravo to you and your mom. Love it all!

  5. Mai Tran

    I love the Pattern Chair, it adds coziness to the whole decoration. What a lovely corner!

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