Whenever Dariel and I hang out, we have far too much fun and probably laugh way too loud. For this post, amidst the giggles and goofing around, we put together the buy one get one of outfits. There have been far too many times that I’ve been stuck at work late or simply didn’t have time to change before a social event. If you find yourself in that situation (struggle really) don’t sweat it. We have curated two examples of how easy it can be to totally transform your look with a few simple alterations.

First things first, shoes. Changing into a different pair instantly revitalizes your outfit and adds some extra polish to a night look. Next, make sure you switch out your bag for a sparkly clutch like Dariel did. Or, in my case, throw on a leather jacket to transform your daytime dress into a sleek, edgy ensemble. Top it off with a bold lip and you’re ready for a night on the town, simple as that!

Maura O’Donnell Photography


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