Photography by Juliana Moskow

Forward by Kayte Demont

Words by Juliana Moskow

I’m thrilled to officially unleash our rockstar intern Juliana Moskow on the Tribe! You may have seen her images floating around the community, or perhaps you’ve boogied across her while she photographs epic shows at Temple Denver every weekend. Either way, you need more of her in your life and I’m beyond excited to have her submitting her work from Sonic Bloom this past summer in Colorado. Her unique eye and knack for capturing raw emotion is exactly what makes her such a valuable asset to the Mass Musings team – enjoy!

Sonic Bloom is one of the most well-known music festivals in Colorado, bringing together some of the biggest names in electronic music. Every year the music is wonderfully curated, including local and international artists. While the music is surely a huge draw, the real reason that Sonic Bloom is such a transformational experience is because it is so much more than just a music event. Half of the festival’s focus is on one of a kind workshops and intimate connections. Unlike other festivals who’s workshops mainly focus on yoga and flow arts, they offer a large variety of experiences including permaculture, metaphysical talks and art exhibitions.

Being the workshop photographer for Bloom, I have attended over a hundred workshops at Sonic Bloom but there are two in particular that have really stuck with me:

First is a breath work course that I mainly went to because it was one that the workshop coordinator really wanted shots of.  We were supposed to be seeing a band play at the same time so I originally had planned on getting the shots I needed and then heading over to the music. However. when I got there I realized it was actually a breath work group that hosts similar events in Boulder, so I was already familiar with the practice. As the breath work began I started shooting, still with the intention of just getting the shots I needed and leaving. After about three minutes though, something inside me told me that I should sit down and enjoy the moment for at least a few minutes, get a few breath cycles in to set a positive tone for the rest of my day. But as I sat there,  taking time for myself for the first time in a long time, I became completely immersed in the moment. Ten minutes went by before I realized that all of my friends were waiting for me to come back to go see the band. So I ran back to camp as fast as I could and told everyone that I was going to sit in for the rest of the breath work. I got to be fully immersed in the last hour and it became one of the biggest emotional releases I have experienced in a long time.

Second is a workshop I attended two years in a row, called Couples Qigong and is taught by Sariah Wood. He teaches many different Qigong workshops, but the last two years at Bloom he has taught a couples Qigong workshop that my boyfriend and I have absolutely loved. Qigong teaches you how to feel the energy of your body, and in this case of your partner as well. The first year was amazing because my partner and I had just recently started dating, so it really put us in tune with each other and is something we have continued to practice over the last year; but this year was even better as we already had some of the moves down and were even more in touch with each other. I enjoyed photographing this workshop just as much as I enjoyed participating because I was able to capture such beautiful intimate moments between partners as well as experience the intimacy myself.

BONUS: The final thing you have to check out at Sonic Bloom besides the music is the amazing food, particularly my favorite Soul Tribe. They are a 100% vegan food vendor that serves tacos, and the best nachos you will ever have (I seriously had them twice a day every day during the festival!) There teams is also always a ton of fun, providing entertainment while you wait for your food!

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