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It’s officially Spring and I’m officially in Denver! After a grueling 25 hour drive, straight from California to Colorado, Drew and I have touched down in our new apartment. Unpacking is maybe the most stressful thing ever (rivaled only by packing itself), but we are finally almost at the fun part: decorating! 

As many of you know, a lesser known passion of mine is interior styling. Perhaps one of my most proud moments was sharing the original #DiscoDojo photos of our Hollywood apartment. While we moved far sooner than I had expected or hoped, I aways appreciate a blank canvas in a new living space. I’m thrilled to have a place that is a combination of every apartment that we’ve ever had. 

I have big plans for the #DenverDiscoDojo! There’s plenty of natural light (perfect for my jungle of plant babies) and extra room for an epic DJ set up for Drew (think lots of Disco Dojo Boiler Room sets). But, until the #DenverDiscoDojo is ready, I’ll leave you with this playlist:

Shout out to my girl Maggie of Ramblerose for this unbelievable necklace. She started her own business making gorgeous pieces out of quality materials. Each piece is more impressive than the next. I’m so in love that I wear it pretty much every other day. Want one of your own? Click here!

Photography by Alex Pettinato

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