One of my favorite things about moving to Colorado is the plethora of nature that I have access to at any given time. If I’m having a stressful day, I could drive 15 mins to a short hike just outside Denver. Or, if I have time and really want to escape, I can pack up and drive 3 hours, hike a couple of miles and set up camp somewhere hidden in the mountains. A couple of weekends ago, Drew and I split the difference and drove to Steamboat Springs to spend some time with friends in a mountain house with views of the summit and gorgeous greenery. 

It was a much-needed breather from the pressures of city living. As of late, I’ve been really trying to slow down and listen to what my body and mind need. Sometimes that’s a yoga class, sometimes it’s coffee with friends, sometimes it’s spending a weekend tucked away in the wilderness. Regardless of what I choose on any given day, my new found sense of slow has really had a positive impact on my life. 

My challenge to you? Get out there and find something that allows you to escape like a solid weekend in the mountains. 

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