Sam Miller is one of those people who is so passionate and genuine, that you can’t help but want to be around him. I’ve known Sam since our awkward years (well my awkward years at least) of middle school. He’s always been fun and exciting to hang out with, so it’s no surprise that he brings that same energy to his work.

I was first introduced to Sam’s creative side when he began a cooking blog called Slammer Style Food:  “The goal of Slammer Style is to inspire others to get into the kitchen and create their own meals with their own style. Anyone has the ability to create amazing meals; it’s just a matter of understanding the ingredients, being passionate about eating well, and taking pride in your food.” I couldn’t agree more with his philosophy and being extremely novice in the kitchen, I appreciate that Sam opens up communication by encouraging his followers to ask him questions.

The same drive and creativity that created Slammer Style is surely what helped to fuel his next venture, Stitchmill Clothing. Stitchmill “is a lifestyle clothing company focused entirely on making the highest quality Henleys with the best fit and feel in the United States.” Sam and his co-founder, Alden Millar centered their vision around bringing people classic, comfortable clothing that is quality and versatile. Sound like something you could get behind? Yeah, me too. Lucky for us, Stitchill Clothing just launched their Kickstarter campaign today and they’re already well on their way to reaching their goal!

Head over now to learn more about the company and join the movement to help make this vision a kick-ass reality!

stitchmill logo

Shirt(s): c/o Stitchmill Clothing, Jeans: Madewell, Jacket: H&M, Shoes: New Balance for J.Crew

Photography: Britt Lees

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  1. Love the tank! Will have to order one for myself 😉


  2. That tank looks super cozy, soft and multi-functional.


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