My ultimate goal is to document every moment of my life. I’m such visual person that simply glancing at a photo brings back memories in great detail, like a rush of water from a bursting dam. Couple those photos with a playlist featuring songs that resonate with me at the time? Well let’s just call that archival perfection. I feel so lucky to be so passionate about something that I have a talent for. How awesome is it to be able to look back on specific days, or to relish in fleeting moments of the past, simply by scrolling through a carousel of images that I took anywhere from two days to two years ago. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always been a glutton for nostalgia, but I live my life through music and images. 

Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of creating with people who live their lives as I do, through music and images. Photography isn’t just a means to pay the bills, it’s a means for survival and a life full of passion. I thrive on collaborating with other like-minded individuals – it allows me to grown and learn in ways I never thought possible. So, here is a little peak into life as of lately – I teamed up with Rachael Zimmerman to capture an afternoon roaming the streets of Denver and to document our personal style as of late. I hope you enjoy!



Sweatshirt: Russell Athletic, Jeans: Madewell, Boots: The Frye Company


Jacket: similar here and here, Shirt: GAPPants: H&M, Shoes: Converse

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