I start every Sunday with my coffee (I fill up a growler every week at Ink! Coffee in RiNo – highly recommend, best deal in the game – it only cost $8 to refill each week and $15 up front – so much coffee savings and you have it immediately in the morning!) and peanut butter toast. I usually take it to the roof for some morning meditation and alone time before starting my day. Once I’ve had enough vitamin D to feel satisfied, I spend time with Drew in our apartment (otherwise known as the Denver Disco Dojo). Drew spins vinyl on his cherished Technics and I either have a solo, freestyle dance party or lounge amongst my many plant babies. 

After a couple hours of lazy Sunday activities, I typically do anything in my power to make sure that Ian’s Pizza is what we are eating for lunch. Pizza is my favorite food and I’m proud to say that I typically eat at Ian’s two times a week on average. I’ve gone through more loyalty punch cards than most Denver locals and I’ve only lived here for four months. My favorite thing about Ian’s is that they always have the staples like Cheese and Pepperoni, but they also get creative with their specialty toppings. Some slices have macaroni and cheese, some have potato and buffalo chicken – the list is endless.  The staff is friendly and outgoing and regardless of the droves of people they deal with and the late hours they work, they never are rude or short. 

To finish a typical Sunday, I usually head to Jazz in the Park or to a spot in RiNo to socialize with friends. A few of my favorites include: Our Mutual Friend, 10 Barrel Brewing Co., Park Burger, and Finn’s Manor. The vibe in RiNo is the perfect blend of everything that I’m interested in. There’s a solid community of wildly creative people, the food and beverage scene is thriving and lively, and the sprawling warehouses covered in gorgeous murals and epic street art give me jolts of inspiration every time I’m in the neighborhood. It’s a spectacular place to be. 

With Denver growing more and more each day, I’ve been working hard to promote the creative community that I’m building and that I’m also a part of. It’s important for me to let the rest of the world know how dope Denver is and how on the cutting edge and forefront we are in terms of the creative art space. Each day I see more and more people out doing photo shoots or making unique videos. Restaurants are stepping up their game and taking the culinary scene to the next level. Small businesses are starting and flourishing daily. I feel so much passion for this city in the depths of my soul and am so confident that this is where the next frontier of creativity is happening. Come and visit us to experience it in all its splendor! 


Denim: c/o Madewell, Shirt: c/o Madewell, Bag: c/o Madewell, Shoes: Target

*this is a sponsored post – all opinions are my own*


4 thoughts on “SUNDAY IN DENVER ft. MADEWELL

  1. Love these photos, Kayte! You look beautiful.

    Also, that pizza looks BOMB!

    Sending lots of love from LA (well, Toronto today actually ahah) <3

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