It’s not every day that you get a DM on Instagram from a company that you’re obsessed with. It’s also not every day that the photo that was sent was Aziz waving. That’s exactly how I came in contact with Sweetgreen and from that moment forward, there’s been no turning back. 

Lucy Litman, Digital Marketing Associate for Sweetgreen, is one of those people who is incredible at making a connection. She remembers important life details of everyone she meets and has a knack for bringing people together that share similar interests.  While she was visiting Boston, we met up for drinks and talked effortlessly about a plethora of different topics. It was through Lucy that I received an invitation to Sweetgreen’s #TasteTheSeason supper in celebration of their new menu

Hosted by Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon, MA, the fall supper was nothing short of fantastic. An intimate group of some of Boston’s most inspiring creators gathered for an evening of tractor hayrides, fresh produce, incredible food, and warm conversation. The meal was served family style, each dish from the new menu and complete with refreshing Downeast Cider!

I find that it’s rare to be able to come away from an event and say that you genuinely enjoyed every conversation that you had. Fortunately, that was the case! I met some truly inspiring visionaries, photographers, chefs, athletes…. people. On the ride home that night, I told Drew that I was thankful for a full belly and for being able to share the experience with amazing humans. Sweetgreen, I’m hooked.  



6 thoughts on “SWEETGREEN SUPPER

  1. I checked out that menu! Fabulous! You do the coolest stuff:) Sounds like a great time with really interesting people!

    • Jacqueline, I’m so sorry for the delayed response! Thanks so much for always reading a commenting – I love reading what you have to say about each post 🙂

  2. Great! I am happy that you had great time. I am amazed to know about Digital Marketing Associate for Sweetgreen, She truly is a great lady with blessed memory as she remembers each detail.

  3. The menu looks wonderful – so nice to see it’s all organic. I live in Canada so won’t be visiting those places, but you sure gave me some ideas to use myself.

  4. Looks like fun!

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