My friend Astrea is one of those people whose enthusiasm is contagious. We first met at the children’s theater camp that we both worked at in Yarmouth, Maine. It was one of those weird moments where we looked at each other and immediately burst out laughing as we hugged – it just felt like we had always been friends, so clearly that was the only way to handle the situation. That moment was almost five years ago now and I’m happy to report that we still keep in touch and share incredible belly laughs.

Not only is Astrea pursuing an acting career, but she also models for some really cool brands. You may recognize her from my Central Park collaboration with The Girl That Loves. Or perhaps you’ve seen her smiling face in your email inbox or on TV. One of my favorite brands that she’s modeled for is the Brooklyn-based boutique, Swords-Smith. This past weekend while I was in NYC, I got the chance to stop in and introduce myself!

Swords-Smith was founded in 2013 by husband a wife duo, Briana Swords and R Smith. What I love about their vision is the commitment to creativity and artistry in lifestyle and fashion. The couple lives in the neighborhood and truly understands the value of a genuine venture and meaningful shopping experience. While I was there, Smith even took the time to craft a list of must-sees in Brooklyn ranging from dining to galleries and shopping! Making a personal connection with other creative people is something that I value and it was a pleasure to meet some of the minds behind the store. 

Often times when I’m touring a space, I look for a few key factors: lighting, layout, and overall aesthetic. Swords-Smith’s space is perfectly lit (there are huge windows and skylights that flood the entire store with natural light) and the layout is organized and intuitive. As Heather, Melissa and I wandered around the floor, we discovered new products and goodies sprinkled in as if we were meant to find them as part of a treasure hunt.

Next time you find yourself in Brooklyn, make it a point to stop into Swords-Smith for some inspiration. I’m willing to bet it will be one of the highlights of your day. 


98 South 4th St.

Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. Kayte, thanks for sharing these photos – beautiful pieces! I love the bracelets especially – so unique!

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