A few weeks ago, my friend Olivia and I got together with Monica Justesen for one of the more fun photoshoots I’ve ever been a part of. Monica had come to us with the idea of shooting a bedroom inspired series, modeling t-shirts for a company called teamscum to use as promotional material. Teamscum is a boutique clothing brand that was created by a former raft guide. Their apparel is geared towards folks who appreciate outdoor living and a more alternative lifestyle. They also do on-site screen printing parties for a more personal touch, which adds to the sense of community that they’ve created over the past several years.

Well, once we decided on the bedroom theme, one thing led to another and it became a full blown pillow fight situation. Let me just tell you, I have never seen so many feathers in my entire life. If you had asked me how many feathers were stuffed into a standard pillow, I would’ve ventured a guess that came in at about half the amount that was actually in one. Regardless, it ended up being ridiculously fun.

I think that sometimes women can be a little bit afraid of getting sexy in front of a camera – rightfully so, there are so many risks and negative consequences associated with documenting that. However, when you’re surrounded by friends, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, dancing around in your underwear and dope t-shirts to Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love,” it’s pretty freeing and AWESOME!

Want a teamscum shirt of your own? Purchase your own HERE! *hint* They make excellent holiday gifts *hint*

Photography by Monica Justesen 

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