Moving to Los Angeles has been one of the most exciting and enlightening experiences in my life. Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to experience so many new things, but it’s really been hard to keep up. Many of these new opportunities have been countless concerts, DJ sets, and shows that I’ve had the chance to experience due to our unique apartment location in Hollywood. Being close to so many clubs and venues has afforded me the opportunity to walk to shows, something that I never thought possible while living in Boston. This benefit has undeniably increased my ability to discover new music (particularly Tech House) through live shows (thank you Shazaam)…However, the downside to all of these concerts and sets is that I’m spending less time at my computer digging through SoundCloud and Beatport for new music — which subsequently leads to less playlists being created.

It’s an unfortunate side-effect of living in Los Angeles, but hey, I’ve been living in the moment so it’s hard to be mad at myself. Last week I finally had the opportunity to sit down and craft a playlist that I am happy with. “Tech Me to the Moon” is a compilation of my favorite Tech House (liberal interpretation) tracks at the moment. The playlist is designed with track-order in mind and begins with lower BPM tracks that are softer by nature. The playlist continues to rise in BPM and intensity until it reaches it’s climax with Harry Ley‘s “EVRYTHNG”. After “EVERYTHNG” we ride the good vibes to the end with some bassier tracks from a few of the hottest names in Tech House.

Anyone who follows these playlists regularly will notice that there are many artists featured on this playlist that have been featured before on my Mass Musings Friday Music Playlist’s, including: Catz n Dogz, Green Velvet, Lane 8, Lee Foss, Sonny Fodera, Sidney Charles, Patrick Topping, and Sacha Robotti.


*artwork “Arboreal Office” by modern surrealist painter, Rob Gonsalves

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