Ahhh the long sought after cure for aging and eternal youth. Is it a cream? Is it a pill? Perhaps it’s a crazy concoction in a little glass vile? It’s actually a lot simpler than we all thought, water. Health, beauty and wellness all starts from within; being healthy and beautiful inside radiates outward. Now that we are in the midst of summer, it is more important than ever to stay hydrated.
Our bodies are made up of 60% water! That’s a lot when you consider all the organs, bones and muscles. But the truth is water actually helps all those body parts function properly, that’s why when you are dehydrated you become fatigued, slow, and thirsty. All of which is accompanied by a nice pounding headache (our brains are 80% water!)
Benefits of drinking water:
– Flushes out toxins from vital organs
– Carries nutrients to the cells around the body
– Fights infection
– Creates healthier skin
– Boosts energy
– Helps lose weight
– Aids with bowel movements
– Improves productivity
– Provides elasticity to muscles and joints
– Regulates body temperature
– Prevents wrinkles
– Strengthens hair and nails
I recommend drinking two glasses of water with no ice when you first wake up. Then drink a glass before and after a meal, all while drinking throughout the day. Personally, water is my drink of choice, I carry a water bottle everywhere. We’ve all heard how important water is blah blah blah, “it’s so boring and tastes like nothing” I hear. Enough with the excuses I say! Here are some tips for adding some oomph to your water that also pack some extra nutrients.
Keep in mind the temperature you drink water also makes a difference! Our bodies have to work extra hard to process cold water. That’s why your metabolism revs up when you add ice to your drinks, whereas hot and warm water help flush the body because it’s not working as hard to create equilibrium.
What you want to know:
– Extra hydrating
– Energy boosting
– Tummy flattening
– Boosts immune system
– Relieves aches and pains
– Vitamin C, E, beta
– Carotene and manganese
– High in vitamin C and Potassium
– High in pectin fiber (fights hunger cravings)
– Hydrates lymph system (prevents dehydration and fatigue)
– Decreases wrinkles and pimples (anti aging)
– Purifies blood
Basic Lemon Water (more health benefits when in hot water):  either squeeze a couple lemon wedges or slice some washed lemons into a pitcher of water and let it marinate overnight. Then, mix and match to your flavor preference! Slice the fruit and vegetables, put in a water pitcher, mason jar or water bottle and viola! TIP: lots of water left over that you don’t want to go bad? Throw it in some ice cube trays for the next day!
Looking for a quick drink recipe that everyone will love (and that doesn’t have a ton of calories)? Add a splash of vodka to any infused water and you’ve got yourself a fast, easy drink that is perfect for the summer weather. Enjoy!

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    • Hi Barbara! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post – isn’t the ice cube idea great? Thanks for stopping by xoxo

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