It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired and able to collaborate on more editorial, photography concepts. Back when I was living in Boston, I had my friends Monica Justesen and Brad Bahner, who were always down to connect and create magic. It’s a beautiful thing when two creative minds come together to execute an idea. Some of my favorite work has stemmed from collaboration. For example, Drowning Hearts, Be Like You, Winter Wanderers, Here Comes The Sun, Team Scum, and Festival Series. Although I’ve definitely continued to create and photograph since I left Massachusetts, it’s been a minute since I’ve been able to also step in front of the camera and get a little artsy and a little weird.

Recently, Rachael Zimmerman and I have been doing a lot of collaboration. The best part about finding someone who’s on the same creative wave length is that you rarely have to explain your ideas in too much detail. When you’re both excited about something, it just unfolds and happens exactly as you envisioned it. That was the case with our latest shoot at a hand-built castle in Colorado. When I first met Rachael, she mentioned that she wanted to make the trip and take photos in this illustrious attraction. So, on Halloween we packed up the car with outfits and face paint and made the trip. Maybe it’s the planning and excitement that goes into an editorial shoot, but something about it really puts me on my game. Watching the vision come to life (and also being a part of it in front of the camera) is such sweet success.

Due to a late start, when we got to the castle it was just about dusk. As we all know, All Hallows Eve is known to be especially spooky and eerie and this afternoon was no different. The best part? There was even a raven who was present for our entire shoot as he side-eyed us from a nearby tree, squawking every so often as if in approval of our concept.  We acted quickly and took several rounds of tripod photos (as well as photos of each other), complete with colored smoke sticks and matching skull face paint. A lesser known talent of mine is that I really enjoy (and am very good at) painting faces. For this look, I went for a Tim Burton type skull face to mix it up a little bit. Dark, eerie, creepy, creative and fun. That was the goal for our Halloween shoot. I hope you enjoy!



Coat: Goodwill, Pants: Madewell, Shirt: Everlane, Boots: Faryl Robin for Free People


Coat: H&M, Bowtie: H&M, Shirt: Banana Republic, Pants: Guess, Boots: The Frye Company

2 thoughts on “THE MADNESS GOT TO YOU TOO?

  1. Ok, this is amazing, and you MUST add some makeup tutorials to you site girl!! So creepy in the best of ways.

    • oooo maybe I will! So glad you like it 🙂

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