You know that you’ve met some awesome babes when you all agree that the theme “aggressive snacking” is perfect for a picnic post. A couple months ago, before my departure from Los Angeles, I met up with Sara Toufali and Aubre Winters for a weekend soiree in an adorable park in Culver City. There’s nothing better than a relaxing Sunday hanging out and eating all the meats and cheeses in park, drenched in sunshine. 

As someone who is consistently on a pretty tight budget, going out to eat isn’t always in the cards for me. So, I decided to start suggesting cheaper, more creative ways for my friends and I to spend quality time without breaking the bank. Looking for affordable ways to hang out? Here’s a list of my favorite ideas: 

  1. PICNIC – suggest that each person brings an item or two to keep costs low and evenly distributed. Bonus points for having everyone bring a fun decorative piece to set the table (or blanket) with.

  2. BOWLING – a simple Google search should yield some pretty affordable bowling results. I find that it’s best to steer clear of the huge, commercialized establishments as they tend to jack up the prices.

  3. HOUSE PARTY – one of my favorite things to do at the #DenverDiscoDojo is have friends over while Drew spins some vinyl. Food, friends and fantastics beats while I sit on my couch? Sounds like everything I’d ever want.

  4. ART MUSEUM – depending on your city, there are lots of free museums and exhibits to check out! The Broad in Los Angeles is one that I’m super fond of, but there are plenty of others depending on which city you’re in.

  5. STREET ART TOUR – not into museums? Prefer the fresh air? No problem! Denver, Toronto, NYC and Los Angeles are all excellent places to go on a walking street art tour. I’m currently obsessing over RiNo in Denver and all the murals – talk about major inspiration!

  6. PHOTOSHOOT– do I really need to explain this one? Grab a camera (or phone) and get goofy! The more candid the photos the better – now you have fun, documented memories and it didn’t cost you a thing.

  7. COFFEE DATE – coffee is always cheaper than alcohol, and you can take it to go if you’re into walking and talking.

  8. CITY HISTORY TOUR – many cities have landmarks or specific places that make up a large chunk of the culture in that area. Boston, for example, has the Freedom Trail. Not super into history? Try finding old signs or storied bars around town instead.

Regardless of what you end up doing, time spent with friends and loved ones is the key to true happiness. Take the time to slow down and have a meaningful conversation or a solid belly laugh. I promise you’ll be less anxious and much less stressed. Happy is healthy!

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