I think it’s clear that my love of fruits, veggies, juices and smoothies is very real. Since moving my job location from Back Bay to Downtown Crossing in Boston, I’ve been on the hunt for a convenient, affordable and delicious juice bar. Alas, my journey didn’t take me far! On a beautiful day this Spring, I stumbled upon a quaint juice shop tucked away on School Street in the heart of downtown. Upon entering, I knew this place would quench my thirst (no pun intended). The shop was bright, clean and filled with fresh veggies, fruit and good vibes. Scanning over the menu, I was greeted with a “hello, how can I help you?” from the smiling faces of the staff.

My Experience:

The menu is printed in large bold letters with descriptions of each juice and smoothie, making it easy to get straight to the point. Seeing that they didn’t have my usual go-to, I scanned the menu to see if there was anything similar. Upon hearing my dilemma, one of the staff members eloquently informed me they’d be happy to make anything off menu. It just kept getting better. As tempted as I was to go with my usual, I decided to be adventurous and try one of their signature smoothies (when in Rome right?).

The Thirst Story:

Thirst Juice Co. started with a couple, Heather and Chris, who practiced law in NYC and constantly strived to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Something I love to live by, which Heather agrees and lives by as well, is that there is balance with everything in life. By living an active, healthy lifestyle, Heather found herself eating more mindfully and becoming more aware of what she fuels her body with. You go girl! Could not agree more! Now she and Chris run Thirst Juice Co. to spread their passion and awareness and to lead others toward a healthy lifestyle.

The Menu:

With something for everyone, and the ability to customize to your liking, the variety is almost unlimited! They use the freshest ingredients (local and organic when they can) and always keep the place stocked with superfood and smoothie boosts. From the Mint Condition Smoothie (mint, pineapple, blueberries, cucumber, ginger, coconut water, and hempseed) to the Kale-idoscope Juice (kale, spinach, carrot, pineapple) there’s plenty to try! Not to mention their variety of health food snacks, Acai bowls and organic hot teas.

Heather to Heather (like a heart to heart, but better):

H: What is your favorite Superfood?

Maca and Spirulina- providing protein, immunity boosts, energy boosts and full of antioxidants, these guys are a great addition to any smoothie or juice!

H: How about your secret pleasure?

Definitely ice cream. Sometimes it doesn’t feel so guilty though when you can find a great brand that makes it with coconut milk or almond milk instead of cream!

H: What is your favorite part of owning a juice bar?

The customer base. I love seeing regulars, and new faces.

H: What is something you want your customers to know?

I want to help them expand their knowledge. I don’t want them to order something they don’t like, or steer away from something because they don’t know the benefits or taste.

H: What would you say is the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle?

Balance. There’s balance for everything in life, in your lifestyle is one of the most important. Also do what works for you, not for everyone else. Everyone has different bodies, so it’s important to listen and understand your body and what is working for it and making YOU feel good.

Don’t forget to visit Thirst Juice Co. in downtown on 44 School street!

*We were in no way endorsed for this post, just some health lovers spreading the knowledge <3

3 thoughts on “THIRST JUICE CO.

  1. YUM! Can’t wait to give this place a try. Great post, Heather 🙂

  2. I love Thirst Juice! Heather is so great 🙂

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