Photography by Kayte Demont + Rachael Zimmerman

Edits by Kayte Demont

I’ve had an obsession with Macklemore since I first heard “Thrift Shop” back in 2013. Something about that funky melody and the actual content of the words (I’m a hard core thrift shopper) really touched my soul. $20 at the thrift store? You better believe I’m walking out with a fly new outfit and a side of extra confidence! 

It’s not that I have an issue with “fast-fashion” or big name brands. What I have an issue with is everyone following trends blindly like sheep, and not slowing down to put some effort into how they’re dressing. For me, personal style is the highest form of self expression. It’s how we present ourselves to the world on the most basic level and it’s how people develop their first opinions of us. I don’t know about you, but I want someone to read me as a confident, stylish, put-together and creative individual. Thus, my love of thrift shopping. Not only can you snag some awesome designer deals from those cast-aside by previous owners, but there are so many amazing vintage finds tucked into the racks of a good thrift store. It takes some work, some digging and patience, but when you find that piece that’s made for you (that no one else has)… well the feeling alone is worth it. 

Last weekend, before heading to a three night BoomBox extravaganza, Rachael and I stopped by Buffalo Exchange on Broadway in Denver to scope out some new threads to get us in the dancing mood. Rachael is a bit newer to the thrift shopping game but let me tell you, girl got some DOPE FINDS. I think the only thing I love more than scoring an amazing piece myself is being with friends when they discover something that makes them smile and feel good. This time around, Rachael pretty much scored with every thing she tried on – it was truly impressive. Me? I didn’t find as much but it didn’t matter because I left with the most epic fur jacket I’ve seen in a while. The cut, the fit, the pockets! All of it. So much yes. 

To capture our newly found Macklemore swag, we found a brick wall on a walk to get coffee and stopped to snap some tripod photos. It’s funny because on social media, it’s so easy to post a “curated life.” Sure, not all of my photos are of the moment and most were products of a planned shoot. But the beauty of being a photographer (and spending lots of time with one) is that sometimes you get to feel like a model by just walking down the street. Here are some of my favorite shots from our thrift store scores!

Best Thrift Stores (I’ve scored big time at all of these!):

Buffalo Exchange – various locations but I particularly love the ones in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle and on Broadway in Denver

Beacon’s Closet – Brooklyn (this was also featured in Broad City)

Crossroads Trading Co. – Silverlake, Los Angeles, California and Brooklyn, NY

Goodwill – this should be self explanatory

BONUS: Check this awesome mix that Heather sent me:

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