The oldest restaurant in America.

Yeah. The oldest restaurant in America. Pretty wild.

Anyhow, I only went in for oysters (because they have the freshest around) and cornbread (because it’s legendary), but the other dishes on the menu seemed old-fashioned and perfected in a way that makes you wonder why anyone ever strayed away from this type of simple cooking.

If I can’t say that the oysters were the best thing about the place (because that’s just obvious), then can I just tell you how cool it is in there. Maybe it’s because of all the history. Or maybe it’s the raw bar with the guys cracking open the oysters right in front of you. Or maybe it’s everything. From the low ceilings, to the chunky wood tables, to the sub-terrace entrance off the cobblestoned road, I felt like I was living in a different era.

Union Oyster House. It’s the most classic you can ever get.

One thought on “UNION OYSTER HOUSE

  1. Oh my god, I have to go here.

    Those oysters look amazing. Also, love the photos 🙂

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